We are specialized in personalized and innovative developments of online shops and offer fully customized eCommerce solutions to help your B2B/B2C business succeed.

You do not have to present us the solution. Tell us your needs and we will look for the best and most efficient ways together. We always do this from the perspective of an entrepreneur. Our solutions are uncomplicated, high-quality and practical.

We can design and program a new online store with all your products from scratch, rebuild your existing shop, or create a webshop according to your design templates.

There are practically no limits to the functions we can offer. Our system can be expanded as desired and we love to invent new functions and processes. No matter how you imagine the feasibility of your shop, we think our way into your project and present solutions.

Number of shops

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Selection of implemented functions

CHECK. Multilingual support. CHECK. Registration processes and own product pages for different customer groups. CHECK. Different prices for specific customer groups. CHECK. User defined payment and shipping methods for different customer groups. CHECK. User defined discount functions for customer groups, categories or products. CHECK. Conversion into an inquiry catalog. CHECK. Conversion into a warehouse management platform. CHECK. Conversion into an employee shop for the administration of employee clothing. CHECK. Product import function for all formats.

CHECK. Automatic product updates in real-time via XML or CSV. CHECK. Stock management with automatic synchronization with external servers. CHECK. Automatic product stock matching with logistics program. CHECK. A simple input mask for shop managers to manage, edit and create products and users. CHECK. User-defined restrictions and special rights for different user roles. CHECK. Credit system with automatic credit renewals. CHECK. Additional user-defined product information fields for EAN, internal and external article numbers.

CHECK. Analytics and evaluation tools for turnover, stock, credit and sales. CHECK. Complete automation of shop orders to project management tool, CRM and accounting software. CHECK. Unique logo visualization tool for displaying logos on products. CHECK. User-defined adjustments in products for sell-outs, optional add-ons, bundle & set prices, etc. CHECK. Support tickets that are directly transferred to a project management tool. CHECK. Connection of user-defined payment systems such as TWINT and Wallee.

until the

When your webshop is ready for use, we will be happy to show you how to run it like a professional. Do you have a question or problem with your webshop after the go-live? Our support team will come to your assistance. Our service does not only end with the construction of the shop. As a digital agency we offer you everything for your online presence from one source.

Tailored to your needs

✓ Free Initial Consultation
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✓ Web Design
✓ Setup Shop
✓ User-defined Features
✓ Customizations
✓ Multilingualism
✓ Payment Connection
✓ Secure Transactions
✓ Automation
✓ Protected Access
✓ Security Updates & Backups
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✓ Privacy
✓ Support

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What is Sellor?

An alternative explanation.

Hans and the dragon

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there was Hans. Hans was sad that day, because his friend, the dragon, sold 50 pairs of sneakers without lifting a wing, while Hans explained to his customers on the phone for 8 hours that his sneakers were the best in the Loxo Kingdom. A giant finally agreed to buy a pair of sneakers from Hans. But he didn't understand how to order it in Hans' online shop, because an elf had made it 300 years ago. The giant finally went to the dragon and bought on his online shop just as huge sneakers much faster and easier.

When Hans found out, he was furious and ran into his friend's dragon's lair. He found the dragon dancing with champagne in his claws. Hans asked the dragon to tell him his secret about his sales, but the dragon said he was not doing anything, his online shop did everything for him. But for 7 champagne bottles he would tell him the secret.

After half an hour of negotiations, the two of them agreed to 5 bottles. The secret: He asked the magicians of Loxotipu for help. The shocked Hans could not believe his ears. The magicians?! Did the dragon drink too many potions? The dragon denied, he simply had to pay 5 Taler for a spell called "Sellor" and this spell was CRAZY. Five Talers?! THAT is crazy, you can buy 500 champagne bottles with that! But the dragon said that he was now earning 5 Taler a week.

Disbelieving, Hans ran away and made his way to the Loxotipu hut. He had the perfect impossible idea to test the magicians. If everything turned out to be a lie, he would kill the dragon. Hans knocked at the Loxotipu door and a magician swung it open without touching it. The mage patiently listened to the dream for his online shop: "I want an online shop that even a giant can use". The magician replied with a smile. He snipped 7 times, spoke "Sellor" and let it happen. The shop is now not only understandable for giants, it also looks stunning and the magician even conjured up many amazing functions that Hans would not have thought of. For example, he can automatically offer a special discount to his greedy elf friends, while the many dwarves receive quantity discounts. Fairies can pay by invoice, while giants have to pay in advance. This saves him so much trouble. He also didn't have to worry about importing all the sneakers, managing the stock or anything else, Loxotipu had done it all for him.

His sneaker business is now completely tailored to his needs. From now on, all he had to do was check how much turnover he was making and order champagne. And so Hans lived drunk to the end of his days.

The moral of the story: Sellor builds a completely customized online shop.