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Having an online shop or website for your services is a must in many industries and companies. But this is by no means a self-runner. For a successful online business, many factors must interact and be done right.

The Marketor includes services and topics such as search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads (SEA), Google Shopping, social media campaigns, newsletter marketing, blog service, but also the attractiveness, exciting content, beautiful graphics, explainer videos and the user-friendliness of your website or online shop.

You see: "Welcome to the Jungle". That's why we see ourselves as a guide, a signpost and companion in the whole wilderness of online marketing. We make use of our expert knowledge and many years of experience and apply these virtues to your benefit.

Search Engine Marketing

CHECK. Market Research & Analysis of data for the derivation and implementation of a strategy. CHECK. Search Engine Optimization to be found on Google (Organic Search). CHECK. Search Engine Advertising (SEA) with Google Ads campaigns (Paid Search). CHECK. Keywords research. CHECK. On-page optimization and content creation. CHECK. Off-Page optimizations. CHECK. Setup, tracking, performance review and optimizations.

Social Media Marketing

CHECK. Competition research & strategy development for organic and paid social media campaigns. CHECK. Social media expert who prepares and posts content for you on your social media channels at regular intervals. CHECK. Paid Social Media Posts (Facebook and Instagram Ads). CHECK. Retargeting campaigns. CHECK. Content creation. CHECK. Graphic design and visualisations. CHECK. Tracking and adjustments.


CHECK. Redesign and rebranding of websites. CHECK. Graphic work such as logos, icons, infographics, brochures and presentations CHECK. Innovative marketing tools such as explainer videos or comics. CHECK. Copywriting . CHECK. Implementation of powerful analytical tools. CHECK. E-mail marketing expert who prepares inventive newsletter content for you at regular intervals and sends it to your customers. CHECK. Blog manager who regularly writes for you to generate valuable SEO content and good search engine rankings. 

Be found, convince, sell.

Building an efficient online marketing strategy is no ordinary task. It requires expert knowledge in the areas of technology, industry and market as well as thorough analytical skills. We specialize in the development and tactical implementation of digital marketing strategies.

We design, manage and support a customized approach for all your digital initiatives to adapt your business strategy to the new technologies and rapidly growing digital world of today. Supported by our expertise and specialists in SEO (search engine optimization), SEA (search engine advertising), social media, graphic design and copywriting, we will redesign your digital sales initiatives and help you identify and efficiently harness new marketing opportunities.

Tailored to your needs

SEO Search Engine Optimization
SEA Search Engine Advertising (Google Ads)
Organic Social Media Marketing
Paid Social Media Marketing (FB and Instagram Ads)
Redesign Online Presence
Graphic Design
Explainer Videos
Blog Service


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What is Marketor?

An alternative explanation.

Hans and the wedding proposals

Once upon a time in a far-distant parallel universe, there was a lonely wedding ring searching for its buyer-for-life. It was handsome, of high quality, and kind. His creator Hans put it on dozens of dating apps, but a buyer-for-life never came forward. Even on all social media channels the ring is present, but the handling was inefficient and it was too much effort for Hans to get an overview of the online marketing jungle. So years went by, a lot of money was wasted and still no buyer was found.

Out of desperation, Hans, who was just as sad about the failure, went to see the renowned doctor Dr. Marketor from the clinic Loxotipu. Maybe there was something wrong with the ring, Hans thought. After an intensive examination of the ring, Dr. Marketor was optimistic and announced "This wedding ring has CRAZY potential! He referred his ring to no less than 4 other professional doctors: Dr. SEO, Dr. Ads, Dr. SEA and Dr. Online-Presence. Their names were not familiar to Hans but he trusted the doctor. So they visited all doctors.

Dr. SEO optimized the description of the ring on all platforms so it can be found more easily. Dr. Ads organized a photo shoot with the ring and actively promoted it on several platforms with a new profile picture. Dr. SEA went a controversial step further and even offered the ring for sale on several platforms. And Dr. Online-Presence gave Hans a makeover - should the buyer-for-life want to get to know his father-in-law. And lo and behold: the ring not only found a buyer-for-life in a very short time, but had to decide between hundreds of marriage proposals! And thanks to the selling price, the medical bills were covered several times over. And so they all lived in love until the end of their days.

The moral of the story: The Marketor can bring products to customers using various online marketing methods and specialists.