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In today's age of digitalization, automation is essential in every company. Many processes can be automated or simplified by programs, application program interfaces (API) or appropriate plug-ins. Good for you as an entrepreneur. You save time, sources of error and therefore money - and you and your employees can spend more time on essentials, on creative processes or on customers - or whatever.

Often the devil is in the details and so wasted minutes are added day after day and week after week. It may well be that we break years of habits with digital solutions or that processes are completely changed. But all with only one goal in mind: In the interest of the company, in the interest of your profitability.

Elementary is a cross-process analysis and networked thinking, so that we can create a concrete solution for all business activities. The possibilities are great, sometimes even greater than you think. 


CHECK. Strategy Development. CHECK. Automated Processes. CHECK. Eliminate sources of error. CHECK. Reduce workload. CHECK. Save time and money. CHECK. Automated data transfer. CHECK. Up-to-date order data. CHECK. Up-to-date stock levels. CHECK. Up-to-date product data. CHECK. Automated accounting.


CHECK. API to third-party providers. CHECK. Interfaces between product management and software systems. CHECK. CSV interfaces. CHECK. XLM interfaces. CHECK. SQL Interfaces. CHECK. Connection to Excel. CHECK. Connection to payment systems. CHECK. Plugin development, adaptation and extension. CHECK. Solve compatibility problems. CHECK. Third party integrations. 


CHECK. Complete automation of shop orders to project management tool, CRM and accounting software. CHECK. Stock management with automatic synchronisation with external servers. CHECK. Automatic product updates in real-time via XML or CSV. CHECK. User defined product import functions in all formats. CHECK. Automatic product stock matching with logistics program. CHECK. Support tickets, which are directly transferred to a project management tool.

in action.

«A shop order in our Woocommerce Shop now automatically triggers a correct order in our merchandise management system Bexio, books the incoming payments for the accounting department, creates a customized invoice and attaches it to our e-mail, compares the contact data in the CRM and creates a task with the user-defined information in our project management tool Asana. We save countless hours of work and tens of thousands of francs per year»

Tailored to your needs

1) We analyse your process and develop a concept for process optimisation and automation based on your requirements and wishes and our experience.

2) We program the interfaces and plugins until they are adapted to your needs.

3) We carry out extensive tests, find and eliminate possible sources of error and finalize the system.

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What is Automator?

An alternative explanation.

Hans and the Empire

Once upon a time in a far away galaxy, Hans was dismissed by the Galactic Senate, although he was the founder of this empire. They argued that the Loxo-holders no longer tolerated the bad numbers and that the costs had to be reduced. Hans goes in circles while scrutinising in his office, but he can't focus because of the noise coming from the computer. "I am about to destroy everything here" he thinks and hits the wall. With the force of the blow, a black cape with the imprint "Automator" suddenly falls into the middle of the room. Hans examines it and finds a note attached. "My name is Automator. Speaking I can, 7000 languages. May Loxotipu be with you" Hans shakes his head, thinking that Automator arrived too late and needs an English grammar course. Fed up with the noise of the computer, he sets off to turn it off. On closer inspection, Hans realizes that 4 programs are grumbling. "ÜÜÜ ÄÄ ÖÖ", "KKK LL MMM", "RRR FFF SSS". He thinks they should also go to an English grammar course and opens the translator.

CRM: "I'm bored, every day I have to watch a customer being entered into my system for 10 minutes"
Product management: "What are you saying? I have to manually re-enter dozens of orders from the shop system every day! What a waste of time!"
Project management: "I don't understand you! Please type it in manually!"
Accounting: "I'm freaking out! I have dozens of mistakes from all of you again, don't you understand me?!"

The programs do not understand each other and start to punch each other due to the misunderstandings. Hans, still angry, goes to the cape, puts it on and sits down at the computer again, ready to fight. But then CRM looks at the accounting system with his mouth open: he has just understood a word he said. The accounting department has also understood CRM, something completely new for him, which causes panic. "CRAZY!" thinks Hans. He realizes what has happened and runs to the Galactic Senate.

Hans proudly announces that his cape could reduce their costs many times over. The senate recommends a psychologist, but Hans does not give in. The cape is called Automator and with it they can enable communication between all their programs. Hans further explains how much time is wasted by manually entering an order in 4 different programs and how this is a big source of errors. And that does not have to be the case! The Automator understands the languages of their systems and can automate all their processes! And it can do it in the way they need for their processes! The jaws of all the senators drop. Until today, nobody really knows what happened after that. But the efficiency in the empire had increased many times over and so Hans lived as the most powerful emperor until the end of his days.

The moral of the story: Automator enables communication between different programs, and thus the automation of various processes.